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of them never meeting detective elizabeth butler and also detective baker, but felt the need to come and pay their respects. >> we're told between five and 6,000 officers from as far away as new york and los angeles and just about every town and county here in california, there's a moment of silence before the service. then there's a number of people that did not know either officer but just wanted to say thank you, remember their lives and thank them for their service today. >> and then, of course, the people closest to the detectives, their families. they're inside the hp pavillion. elizabeth butler had two young children. she was the mother of two, ages 5 and 2. then you have detective baker who was a 28- -year veteran. he had 3 adult children. they're all there now. >> two daughters jillian and ashley. a son who is a community service officer, following in his dad's footsteps. butch baker was 59 years of age. born here in san francisco. fell in love with his wife, kelly. they were in grade school, 10, 11 years old. he was floating the idea o
in a thoughtful way. and explain why they think i should change my mind. take elizabeth arden. the beauty company that makes all kind of cosmetics and fragrances. here is a stock that ran up to $49 earlier this year and then got crushed. the company missed numbers and cut guidance. that was back on january 31st. arden lost a quick 16% of its value in a single day. wow. and the stock has been trading around the 38 to 39 level ever since. just hasn't been able to recover. so about a week later, i said some critical things about the company on "squawk on the streak." mainly it was the estee lauder and elizabeth arden in the same sentence. >> go with the coach tiffany or estee lauder? >> i think estee lauder. they are a remarkably run company. and not elizabeth arden. i shouldn't say estee lauder and elizabeth arden in the same sentence. sorry. >>> what do you do to stay away from the foul-smelling stock? there are two sides it every story. elizabeth arden sent me a very polite letter. not kidding. they gave me a turnaround story. i'm convinced there could be a potential reversal of fortune for arden
as many of you know, because many of you have connections with the school was elizabeth hurley and who was born to a well-to-do family. after attending smith college she moved to greenwich village and found herself among a group of artists and radicals and social reformers of every stripe at the first blooming of greenwich village's bohemian flowering. she started as a freelance reporter and then studied as a psychologist and social worker and inspired by john do we, she and a partner, louis marx, ran a series of model classes and schools in the public education system, based on the progressive series of john dewey. she and her compatriots railed against the role of rote memorization, and strict memorization. she believed children should read and write and do things on their own timetable and it was harmful to force them to do it faster. she believed their emotional development was as important as their intellectual development. he said the most important thing the school could do was get children into the habit of being happy. most importantly she believed, and her fellow progressive
it was bitterly cold outside, still in the shorts. when we think about elizabeth butler, apparently she got a love of investigation and police work early on. they say perry mason and rock ford files tv shows influenced her and they say he was always excited about following the evidence and uncovering the truth. you think about how these two officers came to police work in such different ways with such different histories, but united within the santa cruz police department and within that brotherhood and sister hood of police officers nationwide. you think about all the people coming together today, to thank them for the work they did. >> safe to say both officers absolutely loved their jobs. butch baker was considered to be one of the best, if not the best investigators in the entire santa cruz police department. elizabeth butler apparently loved to ride roller coasters and hike, and obviously spend a lot of time with her partner, peter woo and their two sons. we saw the pictures moments ago of officer butler out there picking a christmas tree with her two young sons. we're going to pick up and st
. is he on to something? or another whacko libertarian like andy levy. and joy behar and elizabeth hasselbeck are too polarizing. come on. we all like a good cat fight. back to you, andy. >> thanks, jedediah. see you at the half. let's welcome our guest. i am here with ann coulter, political commentator, author and columnist. her latest book is called "mugged." and rick grenell, lovely sweater. bill schulz, ignore any black smoke coming out of his body. and next to me is tom shillue. his latest cd is available on march 26th. >> a block, the lede. that's the first story. >> well, dennis rodman was wrong. there is something you don't thought hear every day. the pope is divine, and argentine. with white smoke lifting from the sistine chapel they picked jorge bregorgio to be the new leader of the church. the newly named pope francis who is 76 and the noneuropean pontif in a thousand years thanked his fellow cardinals saying they have, quote, chosen one who is from far away, but here m why. he is of course not from africa as a certain vatican observer assured us during the day. >> one o
later, actress maries caat the national press club. elizabeth monroe was a true partner in her husband's career and was a good sounding board for policies he had to evolve. >> they were a love story if one ever was absolutely devoted to each other. >> she had a very well developed sense of style and her jewelry is a reflection of that. >> she knew how to carry herself with great elegance. most -- one of the >> my goodness what she could talk about. >> she was described in one beauty. a rose pettle she received very little at the white house. she was a recluse. absolutely hated it. >> she served as first lady to her husband james monroe. well explore her life and what were not always happy times in the white house to this woman born in a well to do family who married james monroe at age 17 who travelled with him bringing to the white house a french sense ability. good evening and welcome to the first ladies influence and image. we're going to look at the life of elizabeth monroe. we have two guests to do that. danielle preston is at the university of maryland in virginia. >> and consu
things about the company on squawk on the streak. mainly it was the estee louder and elizabeth arden in the same sentence. >> go with the coach tiffany or estee lauder. >> i think estee lauder. they are a remarkably company. and and not elizabetharden. i shouldn't say estee lauder and elizabetharden in the same sentence. sorry. >>> what do you do to stay away from the foul smelling stock? there are two sides it every story. elizabetharden sent me a very polite letter. not kidding. they gave me a turn-around story. i'm convinced there could be a potential reversal of fortune forrarden. this is why we are talking about it on speculation friday. here is the thing. yes, latest quarter is not so hot by any stretch of the imagination. there is no way to put lipstick on this pig. hold it, just a second. speak of the difficult. oh, okay, i don't know these things. i'm still busy trying to get the brazilian from groupon. this will improve its position in the beauty market. let me read you a snippet from the letter. quote. in 2012/2013 elizabetharden is undergoing major repositioning keeping e
in court. here's elizabeth palmer. >> reporter: the bolshoi theater, the most glamorous in russia, and home to one of the most prestigious ballet companies in the world. but behind the scenes, an ugly drama of jealousy and violence is playing out. pavel dmitrichenko made a name for himself playing villains on stage, but today, he was led handcuffed into a moscow court accused of a real-life crime. "i didn't order anyone," he said, "to splash sergei filin with acid." sergei filin was the glamorous artistic director of the bolshoi, but in mid-january, outside his apartment building a masked man threw a jar of acid in his face. surgeons are still fighting to save his eyesight. dmitrichenko did admit to police that he had masterminded the attack, but he said he thought it would be a simple beating. the acid, he said, was the idea of the hit man, yuri zarutsky. irina noikova runs the bolshoi press office. >> this particular thing, apart from being simply horrible, it's also disgusting. but they want to try to destroy the face of one of the most handsome men in the company, surely, one of the gre
condolences and worlds of support on a facebook page created in the memory of loren baker and elizabeth butler. they were killed on duty tuesday. officers killed the suspect, jeremy goulet, and a shootout a short time later. businesses in the area are showing support for the police department. one restaurant is offering officers three meals and -- free meals. >> hundreds of abc viewers have been sending condolences on our face book page. >> a memorial for detective butler and domestic-sergeant baker will be held thursday at noon at hp pavilion in san jose. a large crowd is expected. >> man died today during the world famous escape from alcatraz triathlon in san franciscoment the 46-year-old man from texas suffered what they call a massive cardiac event during the swim portion of the race. that's the first part of the race which begins on al alcatra. our we caught the first three runners over the finish line. >>> a man severely burn in a house fire has died from his injuries. the 34-year-old, troy vocle, suffered second and third degree burns on his body. he died at the burn center. the fire st
is not sullying his sister's bid. among likely voters, elizabeth colbert busch is 47%. this district voted for mitt romney by 8 points. here is her campaign message. >> elizabeth knows jobs, worked her way up to director of sales in a shipping company. >> it is exports, working with business, creating thousands of jobs. >> elizabeth colbert busch, mother, grandmother, charleston business woman for 25 years. >> i approved this message because i am running for congress to create jobs in south carolina. that's what i know. >> 45% of likely voters have a favorable opinion of elizabeth colbert busch. 31% unfavorable. 34% have favorable opinion of mark sanford. 58% have an unfavorable opinion of him. former governor sanford's truly horrible favorable and unfavorable ratings will surely be a caution for any other south carolina politician who might ever be tempted to tell the truth about marital troubles. >> i have been unfaithful to my wife. i developed a relationship with -- started as a dear, dear friend from argentina. >> joining me now, msnbc's joy reed. joy, turns out that elizabeth colbert
is reaching historic levels. but is there hope? elizabeth warren sounds--how should we put this? i guess a little different and people are starting to pay attention. plus cpac is more than a bunch of people saying crazy things. it's an opportunity for ambitious politicians to destroy their national appeal. it's "the war room." we will be right back. billy zane stars in barabbas. coming in march to reelz. to find reelz in your area, go to now find the most hard core driver in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis 6 speed manual, dual exhaust wide stance, clean lines have him floor it, spin it punch it, drift it put it through its paces is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy. while your carpets may appear clean. it's scary how much dirt your vacuum can leave behind. add resolve deep clean powder before you vacuum to expel the dirt within your carpets.
elizabeth butler. but one item in particular left behind by a mourner has really caught the department's attention. mixed in with the flowers, candles, and pick checks, someone pinned a purple heart medal to a teddy bear. police received an anonymous note explaining, quote, the purple heart is for the sacrifice above and beyond the call of duty. when one loses their life for the protection of others and the greater good. i know you will understand. quite a contrast from what this man is accused of doing at the same memorial, stealing flowers from the memorial. 53-year-old kenneth maffei is charged with vandalism to a law enforcement memorial and public intoxication. this happened on friday, the first day back on the job for santa cruz police officers following tuesday's killing of sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler. >>> and tragic news this evening from the annual escape from alcatraz triathlon in san francisco. this morning, we know it's grueling, but this morning a man from austin, texas died as he began the swim portion of the race. race officials believe the 46-yea
and detective elizabeth butter, two santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty a week and a half ago. law enforcement officers from around the state are gathering. >> we will bring you complete live coverage for the next few hours of the memorial and the procession that has wrapped up. this is video of the 33-mile long procession that stretched two miles with 200 vehicles. it began at the santa cruz boardwalk this morning. >> travel on highway 17 to the h.p. pavilion, people were lined up saluting the fallen officers. we have crews spread out from the south bay to santa cruz. we will continue on, after our news would normally end at 11:30 and stay with the service until it is done. we are always streaming it live if you on >> good morning on this sad day. >> 51-year-old detective sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butter were killed in the line of duty. >> abc7 news reporter, cornell reporter sex live in santa cruz, where the procession began. we are live over h.p. pavilion. but, first, our reporter is on the ground. laura? >> i am standing at the nort
priebus. remarks from sarah pailin. -- palin. >> elizabeth monroe was a true partner in her husband's career. they were a love story and absolutely devoted to each other. elizabeth monroe had a well- developed sense of style and image. this is a woman who knew how to carry ourself with great elegance. -- herself with great elegance. good is called the era of feeling. >> this is a woman who spoke french. >> very great beauty. she received is seldom anything in the white house. she hated it. >> dignity, civility. those are the words that come to mind. aselizabeth monroe served first lady from 1817 to 1825 as a time known as the era of good feeling. coming up were hurt life and not always happy times inside the white house for this woman born into a well-to-do new york family. she married james monroe at the age of 17 and traveled new york extensively with him. she brought with her to the white house a certain french sensibility. welcome to c-span and the white house historical association's "first ladies." let me introduce two guests. gentlemen, welcome. the last program was dolley ma
sergeants. officer elizabeth butler and sergeant loran butch baker were killed in the line of duty and officer elizabeth butler was getting ready to -- sergeant loran butch baker was getting ready to retire and officer elizabeth butler worked as a pat control officer and -- patrol officer and hose taj negotiate -- hostage negotiator. we will start with claudine wong and she is in santa cruz, claudine? >> reporter: we are just at the start where the procession will be but the line of cars is expected to stretch all the way down the screech towards the boardwalk which is down from where we are standing. 200 vehicles is expected to take part but that is just an estimate. i am here with the santa cruz sheriff's department and you said 200 are expected to start arriving and it could be longer, right? >> it could be longer and that's definitely an estimate and there could be other departments showing up. >> we know when something like this happens many come from across the nation, how do you organize something where so many people want to take part and pay tribute to these officers? >> i
and applause] >> coming up next, c-span's andt ladies, influence image, features elizabeth monroe. [captions performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> elizabeth monroe was a true partner in her husband's career. they were a love story and absolutely devoted to each other. elizabeth monroe had a well- developed sense of style and image. this is a woman who knew how to carry herself with great elegance. >> it is called the era of good feeling. >> this is a woman who spoke french. >> very great beauty. she received is seldom anything in the white house. she hated it. >> dignity, civility. those are the words that come to mind. >> elizabeth monroe served as first lady from 1817 to 1825 as a time known as the era of good feeling. coming up were hurt life and not -- coming up, we will explore her life and what were not always happy times inside the white house for this woman born into a well-to-do new york family. she married james monroe at the age of 17 and traveled new york extensively with him. she brought with her to the white hous
will have live coverage of today's memorial. it all starts today at noon. >>> let's get over to elizabeth in the traffic center with some alternate routes for drivers today. elizabeth. >> some of those alternate routes are going to be busy including highway 9 is going to get jammed up and again they are expecting as anne makovec just said 200 police vehicles to be traveling up highway 17. you can't go around the funeral procession. you can only go behind it. so there will be delays, as well as on downtown streets in san jose and around city treats in santa cruz, as well. so we will talk more about those alternate routes coming up throughout the morning. in the meantime, here's a live look at the bay bridge. quiet heading into san francisco. elsewhere 880 if you are traveling in the east bay, there may be some overnight roadwork in lanes towards downtown oakland and once again crossing the golden gate bridge, nice and quiet in terms of dry weather, different story today than we saw yesterday but overall looks like the drive time is sluggish because of t
topping our news this hour. queen elizabeth ii has been admitted to a london hospital where she is being treated for gastroenteritis. buckingham palace says she was taken there as a precautionary measure and she is expected to be there for two days. a live report from london coming up in a few moments. >>> and in florida today, crews are tearing down that house that was partially destroyed by a sinkhole. one of the home's occupants, jeff bush is still missing and presumed dead after he disappeared in the sinkhole in the middle of the night thursday. demolition crews moved parts of the house onto the street to helple family recover some of the belongings. >> family is being well taken care of. we're looking after all of their needs, we'll be looking towards providing some housing on an interim basis and looking for some permanent solutions for them. we believe they've been very pleased with all of the valuables we've been able to recover. >> the demolition is expected to be done by tomorrow. >> police in new york are on the lookout for two hit-and-run suspects who fled this horrific crash
voters. >>> she has been sick for days and canceled several appearances. queen elizabeth is now in the hospital. >>> it is the first sunday service without a pope. talks begin soon to pick a new one mary gonzales had a cold she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive. what's that? when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> queen elizabeth is in the hospital suffering from a stomach infection. the queen was taken to king edward hospital and expected to remain there for 48 hours. t
baker and elizabeth butler will be remembered thus at noon at hp a veil-- pavilion in downtown san jose and you can watch live on kpix5. >> san francisco police are searching for an assault rifle stone-- stolen from an unmarked police car. it was in the car on mission street when someone broke window and grabbed it. that's given to specially train officers. san francisco police sent out an alert to other agencies to try to find the weapon. >>> in lows gatos the town council is considering a moratorium on feature -- future gun sales giving the council time to come up with long-term guidelines for the sale of weapons. the council meets to discuss the issue tonight. the only los gatos retailer selling guns would be able to continue gun sales during the moratorium. >>> president obama sign the order friday night and today, it's day one of forced spending cuts. so farther effects have not been seen by the average american. but washington says the full impact is coming likely in april. the defense department is expected to feel the cuts the hardest
the legacy of butch and elizabeth. we are committed to serving our community, who have reached out and supported us in our time of need. we are inspired, and, really, sustained by those kind words. >> we are seeing a lot of sheriff deputies from santa cruz county, of course, those folks are protecting the city on behalf of the santa cruz officers who are attending the memorial today. everyone who is showing up here at kaiser permanente arena are getting this, the memory cards to remember both officers. we are live in santa cruz today for abc7 news. >> memorial bracelets are available to the public in honor of the fallen officers and we tell you about that in a few moments but right now, abc7 news reporter reporter, david, is live from the motorcade procession. >> it was powerful to watch because all of the procession vehicles exited in san jose on the julian street off-ramp and they had to make a short turn to go into the pavilion. people were aware this procession would come through the neighborhood so they lined the streets. we will go to our video to show you, the stretch of jul
'll have tonight. >>> good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. a san jose family is grief stricken after finding a family member. kpix5's kit doe explains what took so long to find the missing man. kit. >> reporter: we know ken, we just learned that the woman arrested has confessed to the killing and she will be charged with murder. police also tell us that the victim was stabbed multiple times and crime scene was gruesome. >> for the past month, christina has been scouring the streets locking for her grandfather. it turns out, he was literally right under everyone's noses the whole time. >> you didn't smell anything? >> yes, it smelled like garbage, but he was decaying that much. today he really smell the decay. >> the 70-year-old man had been stabbed. his body stuffed under the mattress of his own foldout sofa bed. christina reported her grandpa missing on february 18. no one, not her, not the police, notice the decomposing body under the mountain of junk inside his apartment until it got really bad. >> at first it was a relief knowing he was there and then i felt
women to start fighting for. >> queen elizabeth is making history today and we will tell you about her stand on women >> the chief operating officer of facebook has a controversial book "lean in, women, work and the toll lead." kira klapper talked with her about why the book is putting her in the middle of a heated debate. >> she has been criticizeed by women for claim leg is a gap define working men and women when it comes to the ambition to lead. i got the opportunity to talk to her today and she says women need to be more assertive in years and gain confidence, ask for raises, and take leadership roles. >> i want to try to change the conversation from what we cannot to do what we can. no matter how much progress we have made women are far from having seats at the table where most decisions are made from the corporate boardroom all the way to the pta meeting, our voices are not equally heard. >> facebook coo says she wants to create a movement, and is focusing on action and progress among women who have been stuck for the last 10 years, citing that only 15 percent of the top jobs in
to discuss the issues of the church. >>> and another royal health scare why queen elizabeth the 2 2nd was hospitalized over the weekend. a space-x cargo capsule arrived yesyerday at the internati n. the cargo . >>> better late than never, a space ex car go ship loaded down with sup applies, spare parts and -- supplies, spare parts and experiments, but a problem delayed it by a day. later this month, the space station's crew will send it back with unneeded gear and science samples. >>> queen elizabeth ii is in a london hospital where doctors are treating her for a stomach infection. officials say the 86-year-old had symptoms of gastroenteritis for several days before going to the hospital yesterday. all her engagements have been canceled or postponed. >> the queen has no time for illness, she resists it, the fact that she's been taken into the hospital suggests something important. she's the last person ever to go in for minor ailments. >> the last time the queen was hospitalized was 2003 when she had new surgery. >>> trying to decide when to begin th
of the rain returning to the bay area we'll take a look at that coming up in a bitter. >>> queen elizabeth is in the hospital. the illness she is fighting and how she is doing tonight. and also the diet that dares to you eat what you want. the doctor behind the fast diet tells us how it works. and conservationist score a win and conservationist score a win in asia, well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. i like having a lot more of more more often than not. which is why i stay at embassy suites. [ elevator dings ] because i always get more. like a spacious two-room suite. did you say two-broom sweep? no. two-room suite. two groomed swedes? two-room suite. two-shroom pete? two-room suite. two blue fee
, south africa. >>> it happens even to royalty. queen elizabeth sick with a stomach bug this weekend. this has some people wondering if the queen fell seriously ill, would she give up the throne? the problanswer is probably no,l tell you why. one that's always eluded me. thought i had it in the blizzard of '93. ha! never even came close. sometimes, i actually think it's mocking me. [ engine revs ] what?! quattro!!!!! ♪ to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. now that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. with the bing it on challenge to show google users what they've been missing on bing. let's bing it on. [fight bell: ding, ding] how many here are google users? what if i
. is it the worst use of tax dollars at a critical time. i am dave asbin. we'll have steve rich and elizabeth and john and joining us for the first time sabrina. steve, the white house is denying that it is it a spending tour, what do you say? >> if they deny it is a spending tour that is what it is. they are addicted to spending. they take the resources out of the economy . money does not come from manna from hven or marrings. but from we the people and printing money with a taxation. >> rick, is this a spending tour or something we need? >> it is a wonderful pr campaign. what i like about it is the people who voted for they appropriations are labeling it a wild spending tour. government agencies are going in to the cities to help them more efficiently use the money so they are not wasting it why is this a bad idea? >> because of the fact, rick, it encourages local official to take more federal money? >> yeah, you are right about that. but what this really is, the campaign for the 24 elections. that's why he's going to 100 congressional districtings. >> heria not going. >> obama wants to lea
elizabeth colbert bush. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. i thought we would start with a little basketball tonight since it's march madness. this gentleman is dean smith, one of the all-time greats at the university of north carolina. he perfected the four corner stall. he would slow the game down as best he could, keep the score down, run the clock out, and take his shot at the end of the game. and they were doggone good at it. well, there is another guy in washington who is perfecting the stall as well. 608 days, three hours and 58 minutes, and the clock is sticking. this is how much time is left until the 2014 midterm elections. are we ready for this? but wait a minute, it's the countdown. and the only thing republicans care about right now is that number. they are all about running out the clock. they will obstruct in the house. and they will deny to make sure that nothing gets done until november 14th. november of 2014. now enter this guy name paul ryan. you ever heard of him? oh, yeah, refresher course. he is back! to reintroduce the same failed ideas h
of this business before it is too late. welcome to forbes on fox. rick unger and rich and elizabeth and john and morg an, so steve, the president said getting the private bankings out of the student loanand more government has it made it worse. >> it is. college costs continue to go up killing the middle class parents and kids. instead of catapulting a career it is it an albatross because the degree is indebtedness. get the government out so colleges learn to cut costs and have it three years instead of four years and on line and those reforms so you get an education to get ahead and starting out behind. >> student loans are up 90 percent of all student loans are begin bypass the government; is that too much? >> i acknowledge the problem. it is difficult for the kid and schools. but there is it a critical public policy issue here we can't forget. you take away student loans from the government, you are really saying from this moment on, people only with money can go to college. you don't want a country where you have to be wettley to go to college. it is it a way to destroy the middle class.
has the latest on this story. good morning, reena. >> reporter: elizabeth, good -- authorities are trying to learn more about the suspect and the motive and why three active marines are dead. one of them, a woman. the shooting began around 11:00 p.m. last night. the suspect shot and killed one marine before barricading himself inside a barracks building near the officer candidates school at quantico marine corps base. mps responded to the scene surrounding the suspect and putting the base on lockdown. announcements were made over the basewide p.a. system and notifications were sent to residents via facebook and twitter. base residents are to follow all instructions being delivered by the giant voice system. please remain inside your homes with doors locked. suspect barricaded by law enforcement personnel, not under custody. the standoff lasted throughout the night before the all-clear was given basewide. according to sources, the suspect died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound before taking the life of one other marine who was trapped in the barracks with him. >> we have begun
service will begin honoring detective elizabeth butler. she's a mother of two boys, both under the age of 5. she grew up in lomita. detective butler spent ten years with the santa cruz police department. also being remembered is sergeant loran baker, known as butch. the father of three had spent 28 years at the santa cruz police department and was nearing retirement. baker acted as a mentor to young officers throughout his entire career. he grew up in saratoga and graduated from bellarmine college prep in san jose. >> a special tribute happening during today's public memorial over at the hp pavilion. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at san jose international airport where a flag that once flew over ground zero after the 9/11 attacks was flown in. >> reporter: good morning. you could hear a pin drop inside of the airport terminal when the u.s. honor flag arrived here this morning on behalf of the two fallen police officers. it's been to more than 1,000 services and events across the country. it's been on the space shuttle, it's been at ground zero. and this morning, it's here in sa
and elizabeth butler killed a week and a half ago. >> this is the time when real character shines. it's in the troubled times that our true character shows up. i believe we have it. >> deputies are protecting the city while every police officer can attend the memorial. the chief says the department is down, but not out. >> i know this. i know that men and women in this department are committed to honoring the legacy of butch and elizabeth and we're committed to serving our community who have reached out and supported us. and inspired by those kind words. >> the city wanted to make room for as many as 3,000 people who wanted to come, and watch the memorial service live. many folks say this tragedy is still bringing this community together. >> a scholarship fund has been established to honor the officers. >> businesses have committed $125,000. you'll find information on our web site abc 7 >> we'll have more coverage coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 and 6:00. now, let's talk about the weather. more rain is on the way. >> yes. now a look at live doppler 7. spencer, it's upon us.
thought his speech was great. that's all i have. host: elizabeth will be our last call, from oregon, on the republican's line. caller: this has given me a new hope to take back our country, america. i am tired of being told to sit shut up and sit down, we're going to take your big gulp away from you. i'm excited about the fact that we are going to start conversing with each other, conservatives, on the social media basis. this is what is going to take. i love america. i've been depressed. this is given me a new hope for america. a young generation is coming up, and a wonderful conservative state of mind to run our country. i am very blessed for all of these people who have taken this into consideration, and thank god for rand paul. marco rubio, and
him get to the bottom of it. elizabeth prann reporting for us live in washington. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning, jamie. we're learning more about the three diplomatic security agents and a state department contractor who were among the injured. the four injured who we know belonged to state department but there were other personnel on the ground. republican senator lindsey graham tells fox news the injured survivors have been told to be quiet. he says the house should investigate. >> but i'm going to hold up the business of the senate until we get the survivors on record. i've talked to a couple, and their story is chilling. they're scared to death to come forward without some institutional support. >> reporter: now, when asked about the survivors, press secretary jay carney said he is sure the white house is not preventing anyone from speaking. the state department also is in talks with the survivors. >> i can tell you that i have visited with one of the survivors at bethesda hospital who is remarkably courageous, who is doing very, very well, and i've cal
that framework. >> joining me, elizabeth birch that fought against passage of doma in 1996. she was in the supreme courtroom today. amy howe, and former vermont governor howard dean, first governor to sign a civil unions bill. elizabeth birch, i have to ask about the seat change. even justice scalia said there has been this seat change between now and 1996. you were there fighting against it. what did it feel like to be in the courtroom today watching what many of us believe is the fall of the defense of marriage act? >> it was incredibly satisfying and a deep privilege, and indeed justice roberts kept trying to explain it by political power, but that is not what has caused the seat change. it has happened because of thousands upon thousands small acts of courage, large and small, around dining room tables all around the nation, people coming out at a younger age, and frankly, many americans getting to know not just their family members but their co-workers and with rising affection for lbgt people in this country. >> howard dean, you watched this seat change over the years. whe
stories we are following. >>> a some back bug has side lined britain's queen elizabeth act least temporarily. the 86-year-old monarch is now in the hospital being treated for flu-like symptoms but buckingham palace says it is just a precautionary measure. all of the queen's official engagements had been canceled or postponed for next week. >>> police in new york are on the lookout for two hit and run suspects who fled this horrific crash scene in brooklyn. officials say the suspects crashed a bmw into a cab carrying two expectant parents. both the husband and wife were killed. the baby was delivered by c-section and now critical condition. we will have a live report on this tragic accident and the manhunt for the suspects straight ahead. >>> major medical breakthrough to report to you today. researchers say a 2-year-old girl has become the first child to be functionally cured of hiv and hope it can be done for other people. the little girl was born to an hiv-positive mother. given treatment almost immediately after birth. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen will join mus
baker and elizabeth butler will be held thursday at noon at hp pavilion in downtown san jose. >>> san francisco police are trying to track down an assault rifle stolen from an unmarked police car. on saturday night someone broke into the lost vehicle on mission street and grabbed the ar saw rifle. that type of gun is given to specially trained officers who may use it during incidents like a barricaded suspect. san francisco police have sent out an alert to other agencies to try and recover a weapon. >>> in losts to, the touchdown -- los gatos, the town is considering a moratorium on gun sales. trying to come up with long- term guide license for the sale of weapons. they meet tonight. templar sports. only los gatos retailer selling guns would be able to continue gun sales. >>> building inspectors in san francisco are expected to meet to go over the damage caused by a massive sinkhole. last week's sinkhole forced engineers o engineers to red tag three homes. two other homes are being watched in case soil conditions change. >> that was a pret
a problem. >>> plus, how great is it to have elizabeth warren in the senate? this great. >> if you're caught with an ounce of cocaine, the chances you're going to go to jail. if it happens repeatedly, you may go to jail for the rest of your life. but, evidently, if you launder nearly a billion dollars for drug cartels and violate our international sanctions, your company pays a fine and you go home and sleep in your own bed at night. every single individual associated with this. i think that's fundamentally wrong. >> oh, yeah. more of that is coming. big friday show. stay with us. ♪ fee, fie, foe, fum ♪ look out baby because hear i come ♪ ♪ and i'm bringing you a love that's true ♪ ♪ so get ready ♪ so get ready ♪ i know i'm trying to make love with you ♪ ♪ so get ready, get ready ♪ get ready because here i come ♪ fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark wi
elizabeth colbert bush will raise money, not just because of her famous brother, but she has the capacity to raise money and will run a real campaign, any rpg including one i would say named mark sanford probably has an edge. it's sort of the coastal part of south carolina, including hilton head and charleston. we could be looking at congressman mark sanford again. >>> amazing. here's a jump ball, pun intended, for either of you. the president before he left for the middle east did his brackets with espn's andy katz. his picks? >> kansas is going to win. i tell you that -- >> i knew you were going to say kansas, because you are a kansas girl. >> exactly fourth generation kansas. watch ku. >> couldn't disagree more. we know that georgetown has the best player in the country, and after multiple failures to get beyond the second round of the ncaa tournament, i'm saying it -- this is our year. >> well, the president picked indiana and louisville, and chuck todd's not here, because he's over tess news conference, but i would say on his behalf, miami. thanks to both of you, chris cillizza, and
grace over a cheating scandal, all while his wife elizabeth was battling cancer. >> do you resent the fact that things that are so personal to your family have become so public? >> sure. i mean, absolutely. we went through something really hard for any family. i mean, my mother taught me this more than anything. it's the people around you who sort of pick up and keep carrying you when you can't do it yourself. >> reporter: cate edwards embodies that spirit of resilience. standing by her dad and honoring her mom with the elizabeth edwards foundation, to lift up underprivileged students with promise. a cause she hopes will reflect the best of the family name, after years of turmoil. it was 2007. her dad, already a vice presidential candidate, was on his second run for presidency when elizabeth edwards first learned she had incurable cancer. >> i have seen people in real desperate shape who don't, first of all, have the wonderful support that i have, and have no place to turn. >> reporter: but as the world now knows, around that same time, john edwards was harboring a secret. an affa
know detective sergeant loran "butch" baker and elizabeth butler had been at the appropriate for about 10 minutes before knocking on the suspect's door at his porch. jeremy goulet talked to his officer wind back inside to get his gun came out a back door and ambushed him. >> neither was wearing body armor at the time of the incident but body armor would not have helped. >> a half hour later goulet was gunned down himself. he had taken officer baker's body armor and both officers' weapons. goulet was a former military police officer, marine corps reservist and army helicopter pilot court-martialed for rape of a female officer i hawaii were dropped. the fallen officers were investigating a new accusation that he broke in a coworker's house and tried to sexually assault her. the funeral is planned for a week from yesterday at 11:00 next thursday at kaiser permanente arena. next thursday at 11 a.m. now, we have been hearing more stories about stray bullets coming out over the last couple of days. we'll talk a little bit more about that in the n
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